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     Smooth, fizzy or sexy? 
    Sex appeal isn't all beauty. This test shows whether you're all natural or if you've got to learn a trick or two.

    By conigliettarap

    When you meet a guy for the first time you:
    Concentrate on the eyes and make first contact
    Smile more than usual
    Go red and clam up

    when you touch your hair...
    You play with your locks nervously
    You move it off your face
    You don't play with your hair. It messes the hairstyle up.

    With your girlfreinds' boyfriends you:
    hug them and are affectionate with them
    keep safety distance
    have fun flirting a bit

    when complimented youi....
    say thank you with a smile
    list all your defects
    lower your eyes

    Your hairstylist suggests a short cut. Your answer is:
    Yes, I'll be able to dry it fast!
    Yeah...I wanted a change
    Never. I love my hair

    He makes fun of you because you've got ice cream on your nose. You:
    gli chiedi: si intona al mio lip glossAsk him if it matches your lip gloss
    ask him for a tissue
    whisper to him "Do you want to clean it off?"

    At a club a guy who you don't like asks you to dance. You:
    Turn him down flat
    Tell him you're already with someone
    Accept to see whether you had the right impression.

    You go to a job interview and you:
    let tem know how much you're worth immediately
    try to give them "The look".
    arrive late because you tried on your entire wardrobe.

    If you could, who would you resemble
    Jennifer Lopez
    Christina Aguilera
    Cameron Diaz

    To get noticed by a guy you like, you:
    Laugh and talk in a loud voice
    Look for an opportunity to meet him but do so with indifference.
    Dress sexy for the occasion.

    You're bra shopping and the shop assistant hands you a Wonderbra. You think:
    With a tight top this will look hot!
    Great. I needed a push.
    She must think I'm completely flat.

    At a party you see a guy you like. You:
    Invite him for a Coke
    Wait for him to break the ice.
    You get close to him and start dancing without saying a word.

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