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     How psychopathic are you? 
    By punketta

    What do you in the middle of the night??
    You sleep soundly. You're in the REM phase.
    You wake up in the middle of the night to check your mobile for any eventual missed calls.
    You run to the mirror to check if you've grown a new enormous pimple in the middle of your forehead.

    What do you do when you wake up?
    You get up, wash your face and eat breakfast.
    You check your breath.
    You do all sorts of strange bends and stretches to see if your jeans look good on your ass.

    During break what do you do?
    You chat with friends and stuff your face full of junk food.
    You eat your low calorie snack because you my dear...do not want to get fat!
    You run to the bathroom and call your boyfriend (who's outside) and ask him who he's with and if by chance there's a hot blond trying to get inside his pants.

    A guy asks you out. You:
    You tell him you don't want to go out (He's the hottest guy in school) because you've got an enormous pimple.
    You go out very willingly.
    You go out with him even though you don't like him very much just to show everyone that you're NOT A LOSER.

    -you see your man walking with another girl. You think:
    It must be his sister or an old friend.
    She's a whore and he's paid for her!
    He doesn't like me anymore...He hates me...It's all a plot against me Waahhhh (cry hysterically)

    You come home late after a night clubbing. Your parents don't want you to go so you didn't tell them. The day after they only mention "Club". How do you react?
    You burst into tears and blame it all on Gina (your imaginary friend) and say that it was all her idea and that you don't even like dancing.
    Go right to bed without taking notice of what they say.
    you go bright red and start sweating and say "Club?...What club?".

    You feel a damp sensation on your forehead.
    Oh my god! I don't feel well.
    i think a pigeon has just crapped on my head.
    Somebody's wet laundry must be dripping on me.

    Your turtle has mysteriously disappeared. You think:
    That it must have crawled into the washing machine...POOR GINA!!!
    It must have been let out by that imbecile of your brother (You're an only child though)
    The cat's eaten it!

    what do you sing under the shower?
    A sad song from the 70s and it makes you cry.
    A hit of the moment.
    Super punk...it pumps you up...you've got to go and beat someone...you can feel it!!!

    There's someone behind you. Who is it?
    I don't know...a passer-by I suppose.
    It's a maniac...he's following me everywhere!
    Maybe it's that super hottie I haven't seen for ages...Please be him! Please be him

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