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    BY mrvercetti

    A child wakes you up at 11 in the morning (very early) on your first day of the holidays. What do you do to him?
    It's only a kid. You go out and play with him.
    You go out and scream that his mother works the street.
    You run outside with your bed springs and one by one pull them out and throw them at the kid. Then you break off the first car door you can find (not your own) and smash it over his head whilst screaming obscenities about his mother. Then you hang him outside his front door, ring the bell and go back to bed feeling complacent.

    If you overtake someone (you're going 200) and he calls you an idiot what do you do?
    Let it be and continue on your path.
    You start insulting him but with much more vulgar language.
    you get in front of him and go from 200 to 0. he rear-ends you and you try and make him pay fro the damages but he says no . You go to the boot and take out your tire iron. He thinks you want to change a flat so he get out to help you so you throw him against his car and smash his head in with the tire iron until his face is completely disfigured. You then leave him there and steal his phone and all his change leaving him unable to call emergency.

    For your birthday your best friend gives you the worst present in the history of presents: A 100,000 piece puzzle. What do you do?
    You accept it and say it's nice.
    You throw the closed box in his face and yell "GET OUT!".
    You open it without flinching and throw all the pieces down the toilet. The you tie him head down up by the lamp and throw each piece of toilet-water-saturated piece of puzzle at him one by one . Then you make him eat each piece and if he protests you head butt him. Then, if he doesn't already like things in his bum, you stick each piece in his ass ten times. After that, you take him down from the lamp and throw him out of the window.

    Your teacher gives you a lower mark that the kid you copied off of.
    You did copy after all, so you don't make a fuss.
    You start tearing up the teacher's register and blame it on the kid you copied from.
    You convince the class that the teacher is a demon and that she can only be destroyed with flames. You go out and buy 5 liters of petrol and douse her with it. Then you make her run all over the school and give the other students lighters and matches and pieces of paper (homework and the register) and from the back of the group enjoy the scene accompanying her to her death with uncountable kicks and sadistic laughing.

    Your girlfriend asks you to watch Big Brother with her.
    You watch it happily
    You take away the remote and screw her against her will until Big Brother is over.
    you go out and buy six plexiglass panels and make a big box and put your girlfriend in it. You point a video camera at her and make her live there for 100 days. You put the videos, especially the ones of her changing on the internet and charge money to download them. You make her do the weekly test all based around stripping. Then when the 100 days are up you bring the box to a car wrecking yard and put her in that box that crushes cars. Then with the money you earned from the videos you go to Hawaii with ten girls that hate reality shows.

    QUICK ANSWER You find a fly in your meal at a retaurant. What do you do?
    You have them bring you another serving.
    Insult the waiter until he brings you another serving
    You beat all the cooks with their boiling spoons, steal all the stock, set the place on fire and go away satisfied.

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