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     Are you an Italian Stallion or a damned Euro Trashian? 
    Are you Italian or just like the rest of the E.U scum?

    by orteip352

    You're in a queue with lots of people. What do you do?
    You calmly wait in line.
    You wait in line but as time passes you start yelling "Come on, move it!"
    You arm yourself with a steel rod and start beating women and children until you see someone stronger than you and then wait behind him with a smile on your face.

    If you were elected President:
    You would do your term and then leave the post to the next elected President.
    You would make a law that put anyone who was voted after you in jail.
    You would do your term but leave unwillingly.

    You're in your car and there's someone crossing at the pedestrian crossing.
    You stop, honk, tell the pedestrian to go screw himself but let him cross.
    You let him cross.
    You wouldn't stop even if your life depended on it. Running the guy over is the reason they give you a license.

    You have to park but the only free space is the handicapped space.
    You park there without thinking twice.
    You take out your handicapped parking permit and park.
    You go round and round the parking lot until a spot becomes available.

    At a cafe you ask for a:
    Espresso with warm milk
    Latte with decaf with skimmed milk and low fat milk foam and in a medium sized cup with slightly toasted Columbian cocoa and cane sugar from Cuba and more such rubbish until the poor waiter doesn't even remember his own name.

    You're at an airport and you have to catch a flight.
    Wait until the your flight is called for boarding.
    Go to the gate six hours early
    Wait until you are called on the intercom and keep everyone waiting.

    A traffic cop stops because you drove through a red light.
    Pay the fine and apologise.
    Tell the cop to screw himself and drive off to try and lose him.
    Tell the cop you're colour blind.

    You're in the underground and a beggar asks you for some change.
    You give him some change.
    You change carriage.
    You pretend to be deaf and dumb.

    You go to a restaurant and the waiter spills wine on you.
    Tell him that it doesn't matter.
    You beat him until you draw blood and demnad that the restaurant fires him.
    You swear at him using the most vile language you can think of.

    You have to vote.
    Randomly write on the ballot.
    Insult more or less all of the parties.
    Vote for the nicest name.

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