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     Who do want more? Football or a woman? 
    A little test to see where you put football and women on your list of priorities...


    It's your first date with a girl you've been chasing for the last two months but it's also the night that your team is playing the finals at home. What do you do?
    You go out with her butevery excuse is good enough to get the score.
    You go out with her and you couldn't care less about the match.
    You tell her to go and screw herself. Football comes before any woman. You destroy her phone and then tell her to disappear from your life.

    You've only been together for a few days and she asks you to go out on Sunday. You've got season tickets and you want to see the match.
    You go out with her but demand that she keep silent for 90 minutes plus overtime so that you can listen in on your handheld radio. You also demand that she give you the instant replay after each goal.
    You go out with her and think about how badly your team will do.
    You tell her to go fuck off and insult her. You ask her how dare she question your loyalty as a fan and dump her right there and then. After not feeling satisfied, you drag her by the hair all the way to the stadium and make her pay for a seat in the press box with a hostess.

    You've decided to go out with your girlfriend but in the meantime you discover that your team's beating the crap out of the other team during the final match. What do you do?
    You put on your game face but can't help thinking that you missed a really good event.
    You couldn't care less. Whether they win or lose, they still don't get paid. And you've got a nice date after dinner...
    You go crazy and destroy the retaurant. then you tell her and her family to fuck themselves. You throw her out in the street, run over her, steal her purse and drive to the airport. You use her money to rent a private jet and fly to the stadion to catch at least the second half. Then after the victory, you fly over to the hospital where you sent her and dance jubilant dances of victory.

    There's a derby on the day of your wedding.
    You get married knowing that your brother is behind the commentary box.
    It's your wedding...Two parties in one day.
    You get really pissed and throw the whole thing off. You smash up her car and then go and slag off her mum for ruining the whole day by organizing the wedding on the day of the derby but given your insane urge to get married right away, you drag the priest to the stadium and get married during half-time.

    You have a match with friends but it's Valentine's day...
    Ask your friends if you can start an hour earlier and go out to dinner with your girlfriend.
    You ditch the match.
    Destroy all the calendars in sight. Dump your girlfriend. Scoff all the chocolates you'd planned to give out during the match and then get violently ill and spend the rest of the day on the toilet.

    It's the final of your local football championship and the team you play for has been dominating for the whole season, but you have to go out on a date.
    Ask your girlfriend if she can pass up this date and she says yes.
    Fake an injury and go out with your woman.
    Ask your girlfriend if she can pass up tonight and she says at which your eyes pop out of their orbits. You go bright red and grab her by the hair and lock her up in the bathroom and seal it shut. You go to the match and then come home to have a shower but you're girlfriend's sealed up in there. You blow the door down with dynamite and send her to hospital. While she's in hospital you dump her and then send her the bill of all the damages at home.

    It's the World Cup final and your anniversary...
    You go to a nice restaurant with a TV and pretend that you're enjoying the meal while actually you enjoy every goal of your national team.
    It doesn't matter. Your love for your woman conquers all...

    Your woman comes to a match with you but asks you a million questions because she understands fuck all about football and you lose...
    You answer patiently to a certain point and then qask her to ask fewer questions. At the 90th minute you think she brings bad luck.
    You answer all her questions even though your team loses and gets demoted to the division under and you're happy she tagged along.
    You become a beast and show more rage caused by all the losses summed up into one massive feeling. You glue her mouth shut after the first question but not before having shoved a potato in her mouth and in those conditions you send her out of the house without her mobile and no money. You spit at her from the balcony and then throw a fridge on her sending her to hospital. Then you dump her and dmand that she buys you a new fridge.

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