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    This regulation offers precise directives ( other than those specified indisclamer) that regulate: the possibility of writing comments, signing up to the competitions for Beautiful bastards" and the user sign up at www.superbastardo.com

    It is communicated that by any means chosen by the user at www.superbastardo.com it is in no way consented to::
    a) Molest, threaten or abuse any member;
    b) Send obscene, defacing or harmful contents that violate the rights of other members or that contain elements that are protected by copyrights without having written consent from the owner of those copyrights;
    c) Use this site for any illicit scopes of any nature;
    d) Send spam or any other mass delivered unsolicited content;
    e) Offend the institution or religions of any faith. Despite the faculty and right one may have to discuss such topics, comments containing sarcastic, sacrilegious and or degenerative tones must be avoided at all times. In addition any comments expressing racial superiority or any comments denoting the inferiority of any racial group will not be permitted.
    f) Endorse behaviour and/or positions of contesting in blatant hostility.
    g) Express hostility towards topics that are strictly linked to politics.
    h) Publish and/or request: Serial codes for pirated software, links to other sites, advertisements, copied texts, classified ads, telephone numbers (one's own or of others') and address and/or personal information that may violate one's privacy.

    i) Discuss issues which do not fall in line with the ideology of the site or issues that may offend the other members of the site's community.
    j) The creation of more than one profile for each physical member.
    k) Send the same comment or a comment which appears too similar to be considered completely different more than once, even if generated from different pages.
    One must also be aware that :
    The deliberate ignoring of the aforementioned points may entail, according to the administrators of the site, the immediate cancellation of the comment and the immediate revocation of the possibility to interact or write any other comments up to the complete expulsion from the site.


    It is however, permitted to request clarification but not by doing so on public space. Eventual contestations must be effectuated via internal messaging (pvt) and done so privately.

    Why must contestations be be exposed privately?
    Firstly, because that way the user can be sure that the contestation will be read shortly after having sent the contestation. Secondly, because posting messages of a polemic nature publicly does not help the site in maintaining a positive environment. The advantage of direct communication between administrator and user is that it is easier to clarify conflictual viewpoints and if possible to find a working middle ground. The administrator of the site is always fully open to dialogue in the form of private messages in order to smoothen out any possible wrinkles or better still to try and understand why the administrator intervened.

    Acceptance of the regulations

    Proceeding with the use of the site, the user declares to have accepted the regulations in all its parts. The regulation is updated periodically in order to adapt itself to problems of the site and possibly to guarantee an improved use of the forums to the users that make use of it. Every amendment made to the regulations must be automatically accepted by the user even if the user registered prior to the amendments. The user is invited to periodically check for any amendment concerning the regulations of the forum.

    By experience, good sense from the users and administrators, always get the best. Let's all try to use the forum in a way that it will always be richer of words and poorer of applied rules.

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