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     How bad are you? 
    This test is the brainchild of 2 Italians and 1 Finn to test your badness. Are you ready?

    Written by: vanilla82

    You're on a bus and an old lady gets on. You:
    Get up and give her your seat.
    Pretend you didn't notice and look out the window.
    You ask her to stamp your ticket and take up the last seat with your feet.

    At a university exam a class mate asks you for help. You:
    Give him/her a cheat sheet.
    Give him/her the wrong answer.
    Tell the exam supervisor.

    You are at the pool sunbathing in the height of relaxation when a group of children playing start spraying you with water. You:
    Say "How nice" and ask them if you can play too.
    Make nothing of it. You're bigger than that.
    Scream "What the fuck do you think you're doing!" and try and drown them.

    A beggar on the street asks you for some money. You:
    Give him your last tenner.
    Give him Monopoly money.
    Steal the money that after four tiring days he managed to gather.

    You're at the Opera and the show is boring you to tears. You:
    Leave and give your ticket to someone waiting outside.
    Be silent, repsecting the others in the audience.
    Start throwing rotten tomatoes at the stage with a friend of yours.

    You're rudely awakened at three in the morning by your friend calling you on your mobile. You:
    Answer and leave the house to assist him in the problem he's having.
    Answer, but when he tells you that his car has broken down pretend that the line gets cut off and hang up.
    Make fun of him. He woke you up and everyone should know that you become an uptight bastard when you're rudely awakened.

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