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     How much of a bastard are you?!? 
    Calculate the bastard that lies within.

    Author: Mauretto

    If the person you hate most in the world begs you for help, what do you do?
    You spit in his face and start kicking him in the stomach.
    You drink coffee with lemon juice and projectile vomit in his face.
    You help him.

    You go to the bar and you notice that there's a fly in your beer. What do you do?
    You go to the hot bar tender and chat her up.
    You take out the fly and drink up. You paid after all.
    You go the bar owner and make him drink it. Then you ask him for a refund of the beer and a little monetary gesture to cover damages.

    The ugliest girl in your town is giving you the chase. All your friends and all the other girls are pissing themselves laughing. What do you do?
    You prepare a homicide-suicide and resolve the problem.
    You keep your friendship a secret.
    You kick the shit out of her and leave her in agony on the curb on a cold winter's day.

    Someone's taking the piss. What do you do??
    You go up to him and pretend that there's nothing wrong.
    You go up to him and shatter his jaw in front of his friends and his girlfriend.
    You beat the shit out of him and then his 350 friends beat the shit out of you. At least you beat up that fucking cock head.

    If your woman leaves you for a knob head, what do you do?
    You get your previous girlfriend and screw her in front of the ex.
    You beat the crap out of the guy.
    You do nothing. it was destiny and the only thing you can do is console yourself.

    You really study hard for your law exam do get 7/10 but the Professor gives you a 3. What do you do?
    You go the Professor and given that she's hot you screw you. Satified she gives you a 9.
    You go up to her and beat her around the head until she gives you a 9.
    You keep the 3.

    You go to the bar and decide to play a prank. What do you do?
    You order a cup of tea and glue the cup to the saucer.
    You "accidentally" break the chain for the flush.
    You pour beer on the cash register until it goes crazy and starts spitting out 50 pound notes and you steal them and run away.

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