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     Are you trendy? 
    Want to know if you're the top of the fashion food chain?

    Created by: TeoDarkLord

    What music do you listen to?
    The top 3 of the music charts. Everything else is outdated and for the uncool.
    Music that I like. It doesn't matter if it's in or out.
    My grandmother doesn't want me to listen to music because it disturbs her watching The Wheel of Fortune. In addition, music was created by the devil to allure the weak of heart.

    How do you dress?
    I watch all the shows that have to do with fashion and like a sheep follow their suggestions on what's hip and what's not. Sometimes I buy a fashion magazine, but they're a bit hard to follow.
    What I find in the wardrobe. Undies with a few skid marks go well too.
    I let my grandmother choose my clothes. She loves me so much that she always sends me out with mittens, a balaklava and woolen underwear...even in the middle of summer.

    What do you usually watch on TV?
    Dawson's Creek...because they're all cool like me! Star Trek for all the special effects and fasion shows.
    Monty Python, The Simpsons, Futurama and other satirical comedy shows.
    The Sunday mass on the Jesus channel. Then my grandmother performs an exorcism on me for having watched the most diabolic of all devices: The Television.

    What kinds of films do you like?
    I like films with lots of special effects. All the plot and stories are all superfluos. Light sabers and Cyborgs...YEAH!
    Films with good plots and ones that aren't boring. Special effects come second.
    I watched The Bible. I didn't even get scared when they destroyed the cities. Then I went to bed and promised good Jesus that I would never watch TV again.

    Which car do you drive?
    A 1980 Ford Fiesta with 560,000 km!!! But I added rims, a spoiler and all the coolest gadgets so that now it's the hottest car in the world!!!
    I don't really care about the car. I change it every couple of months. It's important that it's reliable and that it can take hand braking in the middle of the highway.
    No no. I don't drive. When I do go out I leave with my grandmother and we go to the market and religiously by foot because grandma says that we get bad diseases from public transport.

    What clubs do you go to?
    I only go to cool clubs that have received 9 stars in my cool guide and I only go out with cool people who even if they get bored they do so in a cool way.
    For me it's important to find three things in any club: Alcohol, pot and total devastation. If they don't have that I see to it myself.
    I go to Church on Sundays. For the rest of the week I stay at home and keep my grandmother company while she knits.

    What are the most complicated words you use?
    Dog, home, food, uncle, aunt, dad, mum, rims, spoiler and ass.
    Mitosis, hypochondriac, placebo, levitation and clairvoyance.
    Preacher, wafer, wine, cross and wise kings

    What is the biggest book you've ever read?
    I almost got to the half way point of GQ this month. What comes after 23?
    Between 150 to 500 pages.
    I've read the Bible four times this year!!!

    What do you usually talk about with your friends?
    How to tweak our cars and how to make them go faster!
    About everything: Music, women, cinema, art etc...
    I have no friends! They are all evil. I only talk about Jesus with grandma.

    What do you think about people who don't act or dress like you?
    Poor people. They're simpletons. Not cool and trendy like me!
    I don't give a shit just as long as they don't piss me off.
    Judgement day will come!!!

    How do you speak?
    Like, cool, trendy, hip, y'know, I got a new spoiler, mega this, fuck yeah....hoooottttt!
    What the fuck do you care about how I speak...Get screwed!!!
    Ave Maria...Please Grandma don't beat me with the olive branch!

    What did you study?
    Study...who needs to study? I've got a diploma in catering or hotel staff. What's important is that I've got the coolest car and that my clothes are the trendiest!
    I'm still studying and I've got a degree.
    I'm going to become a bishop! Imagine how many kisses my grandmother will give me!!!

    When you go out how do you behave?
    Like your typical cool guy. Impeccable image with 12 litres of gel in my hair. The latest cool clothes as mentioned by GQ as the "Latest hot threads". I just stand there because I've got a reputation to maintain. I'm super hot and really important even if I wash dishes in the most squalid chinese restaurant.
    At first normal and then suddenly I take off all my clothes and then find myself re-dressed with other clothes on. Usually I go out with a slight hint of beer or weed on my breath...it gives me an edge.
    Silence is of upmost importance in the places I go to. Whether it's in Church or at the old people's Bingo hall, if you talk you get strung up and whipped.

    If you ever got interviewed on TV how would you behave?
    I'd act like a celebrity...that's what I am in the end!!!
    I'd burp.
    I'd sprinkle the interviewer with holy water!!!

    Who was Stalin?
    The DJ that wrote “Giulia”
    A communist dictator.
    A demonic non-believer. To the stake!

    If I called you an elated mythomaniac ,what would you think?
    Oh really...Thank you! I know and I'm proud. Oh what? It's an insult...Oh I don't know.
    Fuck off!
    Grandma...this guy says bad words!

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