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     Are you fetish? 
    Publicity, video, artistic photography, internet sites, and TV shows. In the last ten years sexual costumes have taken a leap towards fetishism. Feet, shoes, long legs, leather accessories, and super slutty lingerie all seem essential for the perfect sex life.

    Are you prepared?

    By: Foot devil

    The first thing you see in a woman:
    Eyes and face
    Shoes and ankles
    The greater labia. I'm a gynocologist.

    Imagine you get a night of sex with Victoria Silvstedt. What would she have to wear to drive you crazy?
    Leather garter belt, leather stockings, bra with pierced nipples, oiled up with four stroke oil for BMWs.
    Sandals with 6inch heels, a thong and oiled up with baby oil.
    Flannel pyjamas, no make up, worn out slippers and night cream.

    Your woman, right before sex, asks you to kiss her feet.
    All horned up you start massaging her feet with incense and patchouli oil and Kenny G.
    You look at her in a weird way but do so anyway. You faint right afterwards because she forgot to wash when she came home from the gym.
    You look at her bewildered and after doing it for a bit you say "You do a bit".

    You go shopping and she tells you to buy something that'll make you happy.
    You take her into a shoe shop and get her to try on lots of shoes. You both get really horny and go home and break the bed.
    You go to a shop and get SSX Tricky 3, you get all horny and go home with your two obese friends and break the bed playing all night.
    You take her to a blacksmith and buy a thirty pound anvil and break the bed. That'll teach her not to drag you around shopping when your team's playing.

    Choose one of these famous quotes:
    "I can resist everything except temptation" O. Wilde
    "Happy Feet" P. Conte
    "I can't stand that one, it's a matter of skin...- In an epidermic sense?- No no, skin. He has broken my skin!!!" L. Banfi

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