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     Cartoons from the 80's and 90's 
    Do you really think you know all that there's to know about cartoons from the 80žs and the 90's?

    Written by: L.H.

    He-man before getting all powerful said this phrase before punishing his foe:
    You have no respect for Nuddu!
    I'll make you pay!
    From a great power comes great responsibilty!

    In Spider Man, Goblin was:
    A Juventus supporter who answered only to Moggi.
    An idiot with a double personality and paranormal powers.
    A cruel man with lots of money and cocaine that had fun blowing dust on everyone.

    Who for you was Gargamel?
    A senile old drug addict that liked eating blue rats.
    The Mayor of Smurf Village.
    A candy that tasted like Caramel.

    Peter/Amuro Rei is:
    The Boss of Rei Soda. My great friend and supplier of wonderful drinks
    The junkie/drunk cousin of Peter Pan.
    A kid that drove robots. The ones that now do Robot Wars!

    Who did the Transformers fight against?
    Against the Trans-formers of course!
    Against Saddam and his minions.
    Against other Transformers. Much like we do.

    In Saint Seiya, there are characters with gold armour, silver armour and....
    Concentrated asbestos!
    Plastic. The least significant knights couldn't afford such luxuries!

    Why did Will E. Coyote chase the Road Runner?
    Because the Road Runner owed him money.
    Because the WWF put on a bounty on Road runners' heads because there were too many.
    Because of natural elimination. The stronger also hunt the weak.

    This was an incorrigible thief:
    And he stole my wallet!
    He still is!

    Who is Doraemon?
    A dumb lame cat from a distant future where everybody just fucked aroud and he wanted to give a lame ass kid lessons on life.
    A Pokemon that gets by in very situation by pulling out things he stole from people from the future from his pockets.
    A normal cat that after having been exposed to radiation and because of genetic mutation thinks that he's the most creative cat in the world.

    Candy was in love with:
    Terence Hill
    I don't know. I thout she was a dyke.
    Someone with money!

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