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     Do you have existential problems ? 
    This test will determine your level of paranoia. Are you paranoid or do you just plain old not give a shit?

    Author: tornadablu

    The girl in front of your desk is putting on eyte liner. What do you think?
    Oh God! Did I remember to put on mine this morning? And the straightening iron? Oh God. It must be ruined now. I'll ask her if I can borrow hers...but first I'll disinfect it first, otherwise she'll think "How gross...".
    Hmm...Maybe a little make up would suit me. I'll get back to the lesson.
    What the fuck do I care what the chicky poo in front of me is doing?!?!

    It's early morning and you're getting dressed. What's the scene like?
    I've got everything laid out in front of me and in order of what goes on first, that way nothing will wrinkle. Then I've got all my accessories out and all I have to do is choose an eye shadow that'll match my top.
    I throw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and make sure they're not dirty, stinky and that they don't look like I'm wearing sacks.
    I grab the first things I get my hands on a smell them. I bring the clothes that pass the sniffo-test to the bathroom and put them on. I could care less about the effect. I'm much more interested in not going around in my underwear in the middle of winter because it's cold.

    Walking around town you notice a guy staring at you. What do you think?
    Oh my God! My zipper must be down! God! I'll just go down this alley and fix things...but what if there's a rapist there?!
    Hmm...He must have his flaws too...I certainly don't care!
    I think nothing and ask him whether he'd like a photo.

    Clothing for a cinema date:
    Mini skirt, boots, low-cut V-necked shirt and an elegant shawl.
    Long skirt, woolen turtle neck and nice shoes but not too elegant.
    Outrageous coloured skirt, leg warmers, Doctor Martins with neon laces and a sweater of your favourite charity.

    TV shows you can't miss:
    Jenny Jones, Days of our Lives and Bold and the Beautiful
    Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons
    MTV anything

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