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     What kind of woman are you? 
    See what breed you are.

    Author:Dott. Alex.Pz.

    Choose of the following the attributes your ideal partner has.
    Nice, generous, giving and reflective.
    Charismatic, flashy and extroverted
    Wealthy, manager, proven, independent and decisive.

    If you had to surgically change any part of your body, what would you change?

    You're at a nightclub. There's a guy that came with some friends of yours. You kind of like him. How do you behave?
    You talk about his bottom with your best friend.
    You ask your best friend to work out a meeting strategy.
    You try and catch his eye without making yourself look desperate.

    What part of a man do you notice on the first date?

    If you could choose where to have sex for the first time, where would it be?
    Drunk and violent in the back of a car.
    After a nice romantic dinner at his house under candle light.
    He comes to your house with flowers and after having recited you a poem you make love on the floor.

    You have to choose your lingerie for a weekend getaway with him. You
    Buy some black designer lingerie that shows off your curves.
    Get a friend to help you choose some lingerie which is just harmfully erotic.
    Use the run-of-the-mill that worked with the others. It's the substance that counts.

    Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?
    Yes. But he did first.

    In good and in bad until death you part. Do you believe in marriage?
    Yes. Blindly
    No. It's only a question of consequence.
    I don't know. I haven't found the right guy to marry.

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