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     Nice fucking friends 


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    · Divine punishment
    ·10 drugs...
    ·10 things never to do...
    ·10 things never to do...
    ·10 things not to do...
    ·12 months in Estonia
    ·A harsh awakening
    ·A present for Santa
    ·A strange snack
    ·A voracious type
    ·Achmed sings "Jingle Bombs"
    ·Achmed the dead terrorist
    ·After the Olympics
    ·After the snow
    ·Alcohol test
    ·An embarrassing accident
    ·Anti-rape alarm
    ·Assassin tits
    ·Balanced Journalism
    ·Balancing act singer
    ·Banana split
    ·Bastard Gran
    ·Bastard widower
    ·BBB (Bastard Big Brother)
    ·Bean bag fun
    ·Belly Dancing
    ·Beware of Pluto
    ·Beware of the hounds
    ·Blessed Microphone
    ·Boiling black coffee
    ·Bored blonde
    ·Business Trip
    ·Caffè corretto
    ·Camp Santa
    ·Can you hold it please?
    ·Caught in the lift
    ·Chameleon tongue
    ·Chick with face muscle disorder
    ·Christmas Music
    ·College life
    ·Concentration Test
    ·Convincing points
    ·Cool toys
    ·Crazy Santa
    ·Damn them flip-flops!
    ·Darth Vader vs Japanese police
    ·Deserved revenge
    ·Distracted Bobbies
    ·Doing the donkey
    ·Don't call me Chris!
    ·Don't get busted
    ·Don't play with fire
    ·Dream woman
    ·Drunk and horse
    ·Drunken boogie!
    ·Dumba Scuba
    ·Elastic games
    ·Electrifying pee
    ·English for Japanese
    ·English guards
    ·Exploding gnocchi
    ·Failing tests
    ·Firecracker bum
    ·Freaks with trolleys
    ·Free drink
    ·Freshening up
    ·Frozen lake
    ·Genius at work!
    ·Get it right!
    ·Granny Fighters
    ·Great balls of fire
    ·Green engine
    ·Hang the DJ's
    ·Happy kid
    ·Harassing phoning
    ·Hard work
    ·Head hunter
    ·Hearing problems
    ·Heart attack wake up
    ·Heart attack wake up call!
    ·Highway madness
    ·Holy moments
    ·Hot birthday
    ·How to light a candle
    ·How to pull teeth
    ·I'll go back on holiday!
    ·Idiot Compilation
    ·Impossible getaway
    ·Indepedent tits
    ·Infernal catapult
    ·It wasn't me
    ·It's not how it looks
    ·Japanese 90210
    ·Japanese Food fight
    ·Japanese games
    ·Japanese romance
    ·JC the Musical
    ·Jedi present
    ·Jingle Bells
    ·Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
    ·Just a pint...
    ·Justice is served
    ·Killer couch
    ·Lap dance school
    ·Leave Santa alone!
    ·Lesson 2...Don't get busted
    ·Lethal revolving door
    ·Library Prank
    ·Licking Chicks
    ·Lift me up!
    ·Long sighted dating problems
    ·Look where you go!
    ·Losing face and then again and again
    ·Love and peace
    ·Love hurts...
    ·Love's blind
    ·Machine gun snooze
    ·Magic bubble gum
    ·Maid service
    ·Mary Poppins
    ·Masked Phantom
    ·Microwave Christmas!
    ·Mini Michael
    ·Miraculous cure
    ·Misunderstanding at the hair salon
    ·Modern technology
    ·Moonwalker test
    ·Motorized old lady
    ·My little friend
    ·Mystic groom
    ·Nap time
    ·Natural Gifts
    ·Nervous hunter
    ·Next summer...
    ·Nice day for a...
    ·Nice fucking friends
    ·Ninja Turtles
    ·No Smoking!
    ·No...you no!
    ·Nouvelle Cuisine
    ·Number One Fan
    ·O Tannenbum
    ·Office accidents
    ·Office gym
    ·People are strange
    ·Pepper spray
    ·Pissed off neighbour
    ·Potato Gun
    ·Precarious balancing act
    ·Privacy violated!
    ·Protection for dickheads
    ·Pudding vanisher
    ·Pyro for idiots
    ·Quick Shopping!
    ·Robbery at the sex shop
    ·Rug beater
    ·Rules of the TV
    ·Run Pacman!
    ·Rush to get going!
    ·S.F.B Awards
    ·Santa Bloopers
    ·Say Hi to the Cop
    ·Scared a bit late!
    ·Sea Wolves
    ·Seduction contest
    ·Self KO
    ·Sexy printers
    ·Silence in the library
    ·Skeletor training
    ·Sleeping beauty
    ·Soft landing
    ·Stage Fright!
    ·Strange object
    ·Street Sumo
    ·Strip Poker
    ·Stupid skater
    ·Sunday at the park
    ·Super strip
    ·Superbastard at the carwash
    ·Supper's waiting
    ·Surprise birthday party
    ·Sweet Mama
    ·Sweet other half
    ·Talented musician
    ·Testicular see-saw
    ·Tetris 2
    ·Tetris Ninja
    ·The Bike Thief
    ·The black hole
    ·The boss
    ·The crazy Professor
    ·The Daregranny
    ·The evolution of the Nutcracker
    ·The hairdryer prank
    ·The Lord of the Hammers
    ·The most annoying toy in the universe
    ·The New Spiderman
    ·The party is over!
    ·The perfect crime
    ·The Price is Right...or not?
    ·The revolutionary Bra-Purse
    ·The serpentine man
    ·The Singer/Songwriter
    ·The Strongman
    ·The syndrome of the leering eye
    ·The Troop of the one hundred
    ·The unwelcome guest!
    ·The Window next door
    ·There's a Ninja in the garage
    ·This psycho's distorted message
    ·Tit farts
    ·Trunk Monkey
    ·Trunk Monkey 2
    ·Trunk Monkey 3
    ·Trunk Monkey 4
    ·Trunk Monkey 5
    ·Trunk Monkey 6
    ·Turkey sandwich
    ·Two cooked teens
    ·Under the shower
    ·Underground lap dance
    ·Unhappy fondle
    ·Wait your turn...
    ·Wake up in Japan
    ·Watch out for Grandma
    ·Watch out for the hand
    ·Weaker sex
    ·What a party...
    ·Whatever happened to Chewbaca?
    ·When the party's over
    ·Who doesn't want to be a Millionaire
    ·Who's in the bin?
    ·Who's scared of Santa?
    ·Wide load
    ·Xerox Transformer
    ·You deserve it
    ·Zip-fly jeans

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