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     Hamlet Ferrari 



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    ·A bad triangle
    ·A bastard sea
    ·A perfect date
    ·A relaxing bath
    ·A surprise wedding
    ·Anti pigeon car
    ·Anti-piracy campaign
    ·Appetising lingerie
    ·Automatic ass decruster
    ·Bank robbery
    ·Bike rack
    ·Child at supermarket
    ·Clinton voodoo
    ·Cold mint
    ·Couple problems?
    ·Death at the Bar
    ·Eye tests
    ·Firey Christmas
    ·Fish tank
    ·Flat Eric and the Fly
    ·Glow-in-the-dark condom
    ·Hamlet Ferrari
    ·Hard times for smokers
    ·I want to be a dancer
    ·Innovative theft deterent
    ·Insatiable Milkman
    ·Insatiable Tuna
    ·Killer drill
    ·Laser gun
    ·LIVE TV
    ·Long tool
    ·Loser chameleon
    ·Low interest rate mortgages
    ·Magic ninjas
    ·Marking your territory
    ·Milky way
    ·No Vacancy
    ·Old lady driving program
    ·On very special offer
    ·Pay your bills!
    ·Pen holder
    ·Pro foot eater
    ·Safe ladder
    ·Safe Sex
    ·Second hand smoke
    ·Sewage pool
    ·Smart ass
    ·Smoking dog
    ·Smoking kills
    ·Smoking kills hamsters and other laboratory rodents
    ·Star Wars-Yoda (Big Penis)
    ·Talkative mobile
    ·Tatto remover
    ·The couple and the TV
    ·The cow and the moon
    ·The king of communication
    ·The Miracle
    ·The new guy
    ·The new Panda
    ·The night before Christmas
    ·The passion
    ·The Poop-Tube
    ·The Simpsons in flesh and blood
    ·The unsuspectable
    ·The woman and the key
    ·Too much Beer
    ·Ugly fridge guardian
    ·Women Mag
    ·You spin me right round

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