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     I read the news today, Oh boy! 
    The news not only furnishes news but also tries to condition its viewers by suggesting opinions. How independent do you feel?

    by micbos

    Is there a flag on your balcony or porch?
    Yes, the peace flag.
    Yes, the peace flag. I wrote "Free Iran" myself.
    Yes. The American flag.
    Yes. The American flag. I hate my neighbour too much. He put out a peace flag.
    Nothing that pertains to peace or war.

    What do you think of the war in Iraq?
    War is always bad
    I think the regime must come to an end, but by other means.
    America is only defending itself from chemical weapons and terrorism.
    America has attacked for economic reasons alone.
    What bad is there? Down the regime and we get oil!

    Two people on a scooter got killed because they took no notice of the lowered bar at a railway crossing as a train was in course.
    It's the engineer's fault. He was going too fast.
    The fault is of the bar. It wasn't checked.
    It was an accident. Poor kids!
    If they hadn't gone in two, one would be alive today.
    With free will the law cannot provide everybodies safety. Those kids were asking for it!

    A street pirate kills two young people on a scooter. Friends (without helmets) have decided to go to the scene of the accident to pay their last respects.
    The street pirate ought to get life for not stopping after having caused an accident.
    It's the kids' fault.
    It's the driver's fault.
    It's the street pirate's fault. I still don't know why the kids without helmets weren't stopped by the police though?
    One would still be alive if they hadn't gone in two. The street pirate is guilty though.

    A woman punishes her child by slapping him after the boy refuses his food in a restaurant. The act was reported by a woman who was seated near their table.
    The woman did well by reporting the crime. Children are not be abused.
    There must be other ways we can use to discipline our children.
    Nowadays mothers only think about their careers. Then they go home and beat their children.
    The woman who reported the crime could have minded her own bloody business. In the end it was only a little spank.
    The fact that the mother will be punished instead of the son guarantees that the mother will lose any authority over the boy. Who hasn't been spanked as a child?

    A child jumps from the third floor after watching Superman. The media accuses:
    Certain films should not be shown on TV.
    I jumped from the third floor too...but I only broke my legs!
    It's the kid's fault who didn't get enough practice.
    It's the media's fault. They don't check who's watching the TV.
    Where were the parents? Aren't they the ones that are supposed to tell junior that it's all just a film?

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