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     The cool guy test 
    You think you're all that? Well, take out a pen and paper and lets see...


    You see dog shit on the ground. What do you do?
    a) You pick it up with some paper towel and throw it away.
    b) You step on it.
    c) You walk on the banana peel nearby.

    You see your boss screwing the new secretary or you see your principle screwing the maths teacher. What do you do?
    a) You think of his new desk.
    b) You eat your snack or drink your coffee.
    c) You stay there soundless

    You're about to have sex with your girlfriend for the first time. What do you touch first?
    a) Her nose.
    b) You tickle her feet.
    c) You don't touch her. You hope that someone will raise the magic flag and you stick it in her right away.

    What do you prefer eating?
    a) Pistacchio ice cream
    b) Banana ice cream
    c) Vanilla ice cream

    What will you do after this test?
    a) Answer using A
    b) Blow your nose
    c) Stick a finger up your bum

    What do you think of the person who wrote this test?
    a) Hot blond with blue eyes and maybe she's good at giving head.
    b) ...brainless.
    c) You had nothing better to do when you decided to do the test...

    When you go to a porn site, what's the first thing you look at?
    a) The colour of the back ground.
    b) The very little writing.
    c) if the images are jpeg or gif.

    What do you give your father for his birthday?
    a) A lucky rabbit foot
    b) A lucky zebra
    c) A lucky kitten

    What do you love your parents?
    a) Because you like watching your dad shit.
    b) Because your mother cooks caserole well.
    c) Because when they screw you hear funny noises.

    Why is there no last question?
    a) Because there isn't.
    b) Because it isn't like that.
    c) Burp

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