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     Answer the boys 
    Find out what answer you'd give your boyfriend. And if you're a real Bastard inside.

    What are you thinking?
    At what a flop you were this time...
    About the ring we saw in that shop yesterday. Remember?
    Just because you've got nothing to do doesn't mean that you can piss me off with your dumb questions...
    I'm thinking about you my love (cute smile) and how happy I am that we can share so much together,
    I'm wondering how the hell I brought you home last night, I must have been in a right state...
    About how big your bank account is and whether it makes up for your small dick

    How do I look?
    Short, fat, flabby and also a little old...
    The sun can't even be compared to you my love... (with a sparkle in her eyes), I can never believe just how ... words don't exist to describe just how...
    Ummm... you should probably eat less, quit smoking and go running with the dogs, that way you'll develop a more human like shape.
    Grand...(a softer way of saying really bloody fat)
    I like you the way you are...you're hot inside and out.
    Listen, you were much worse with long hair, glasses and your lap top tucked under your arm!

    Do you love me?
    Ssshhh...don't talk about love. I don't want this magical moment to be ruined.
    What? You're asking me again? It's through you that I live my love..(you can also have tears of joy as you profess your feelings)
    Listen! Don't get ahead of yourself here. I'm in it for just the sex too...
    Yes, and unconditionally. I don't want to limit you in anyway. Go out with whomever you want. We could have a threesome.
    Mmmmmhhhhhmmmm. (Fall asleep)
    No. I only said I liked your cock. Don't exagerate now.

    Do you think he's better than me?
    What are you saying my love? Better than you? Noooooo.....Impossible!
    Well, you know...he'll be better at some things and you'll be better in others...
    Yeah...I can vouch on that.
    Well, apart from the tanned muscular body, the million dollar smile and the fat wallet...he's got nothing on you.
    I think that underneath that perfect exterior lies a small interior...but you on the other hand...
    Better? In what way?

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