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    A test to see who you really are. The ego inside. The person in you...

    In a sports daily, you read that Bush has been recruited to play for the Pistons. What do you think?
    The team is really going down
    He's understood that there's more money in sports
    Maybe he's good

    Your teacher announces a pop quiz. What do you do?
    Study the whole afternoon
    You don't study because you know you'll fail anyway
    You spit in his eye

    Happiness is:
    One needs to define happiness first
    A Ferrari and a date with Angelina Jolie
    A good book and a glass of milk

    A group of friends give you a box of condoms:
    They've finally understood the importance of usefull presents
    Premarital sex damages the optic nerve
    A waste. You won't be using them anyway

    You see your girlfriend/boyfreind with another boy/girl. What do you do?
    Don't care
    It must be a friend. Let's see if I can still fit under the door...
    I'm single

    They announce a nuclear war. What do you do?
    Run to Mummy
    The same but forget the can opener
    Rob a shop of all its canned food

    If someone asked you whether a specific bus passed by the bus stop, how would you answer?
    It should, but in life anything can happen
    No. I think I'm in Rome
    I don't talk to stangers

    You have to buy a car. What do you get?
    A Ferrari testarossa
    You have more important things to think about
    You don't have a license

    The Camel Trophy is:
    Very dangerous
    An exceptional competition
    Thnaks, but I don't smoke

    A big truck is about to run you over. You:
    Smash his face
    Smash his face with your local group of thugs
    Humbly apologize for having crossed at the wrong time

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