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     Sunday or Monday 
    Before doing this quiz, swear that you'll tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    It's 7 am. You're infernal alarm clock has decided to tear you from the sheets screeching 30 decibles louder than any human could possibly bear. What do you do?
    Pull your uncle's double barrel shotgun from under the pillows and turn the alarm clock into a new timer for the oven. Then carry on sleeping.
    My alarm clock ran out of batteries two years ago. I keep on forgetting to buy new ones
    I was awake and connecting perfectly by 6.59 and therefore able to deactivate the clock before it sent out its obtrusive sound.

    It isn't Sunday today and you've got to wake up early and be out of the house by 6.45
    Stay in bed until 6:40 and while I'm stll asleep I'll get dressed in the corridor,I'll put my shoes on on the stairs while I eat (but in reality everything's coming up) a snack without taking it out of the wrapper. I'll brush my teeth tomorrow, I promise.
    I get up. I fall again. After having moved a few steps, I sit down and watch a replica of "supervicky" for a good quarter of an hour. Instead of wasting time with the stairs, I'll take the window. I went to bed dressed last night anyway.
    Out of bed at 6. Bed made by 6.02. At 6:05 have breakfast/get washed/ get dressed. Out of the house at 6.30

    Aty dinner you're watching the news. In the news they start hinting at a strike of Pizza makers in a small village. What do you do?
    I've always believed in worker's rights. To show solidarity I'll go on strike too!
    I have a maths test tomorrow. In the third hour I'll write "For reasons of strike"
    What kind of news is on the news nowadays?

    Sunday is always:
    A gift from God
    A day after Saturday
    A day before Monday

    In your ideal week:
    It's always Sunday, the fridge is always full, the phone never rings before midday and if someone tries to wake me up they get arrested on the spot and sent to a prison on an island in the middle of nowhere.
    You work on the even days except Saturday. Every evening they put on a good film on the tele and Sunday you relax.
    I wouldn't have the time to do thiese silly tests

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