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     From Wall Street to plain street? 

    You've got five minutes free at home. What do you do?
    I turn on the computer and check my stocks on wall street. Then I take my mobile (latest model) and call my wife to say that I'm leaving her because my stocks have just made me a millionaire.
    I watch the news and get depressed. Then I get angry with my wife because she hasn't made me anything to eat and tell her that if she doesn't make me anything to eat I'll beat the shit out of her.
    Home? Who ever goes there?

    At work your boss urgently calls you to his office.What do you think?
    He obviously wants to congratulate me on having closes my last very profitable deal with Bill Gates.
    Oh God! It's not my fault. It was that intern. I told you Sir... I promise!
    It's always handy having the crow bar at hand.

    You're going out on a date. What's the gear?
    Rolex, American Express, condoms, James Bond type mobile and sportscar.
    Bunch of flowers, chocolates, condoms and a picture of your patron saint for blessing.

    Your phone rings at the cinema. What do you do?
    Die of embarrassment.
    Turn it off. The loser I stole it from is looking for me.
    A cinema with good reception?!

    Your wife cheats on you. What do you do?
    Well dear, I guess that makes it six to one.
    I'll call a lawyer to draw up the divorce papers. At the hearing I'll lose and watch her drive off with her lover in my car.
    I'll kill her.

    Your favourite site.

    You're in the country. What do you think?
    Ah! A joint in peace!
    I hope I don't step in shit.
    Fuck...I've got no reception!

    After you have sex, what do you normally do?
    I go look for another girl.
    I sleep. I'm not Rambo you know.
    I let her tell me how good I was.

    Your favourite film.
    City lights
    Wall street
    Easy rider

    " Midway upon the journey of our life..."
    I found myself within a forest dark, for the straightforward pathway had been lost.
    I found myself in front of a big juicy pussy.
    I found my hands filled with lots of money.

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