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     What kind of multi-tasker are you? 
    A test for the multi-taskers (Driving while talking on the phone) Answer the questions to see whehter you're the dynamic and hurried type or the sedentary couchy type.

    When you take a shit, how do you spend the time?
    Play with a game on your mobile.
    Read and use the nearest cross-word puzzle.
    Push and that's it.

    If someone asks you whether you think Antani is paved or prematured, how do you answer?
    "Hey, I'll fucking break your face asshole!"
    "What the hell are you talking about?"
    "I like the supercazzola on the right".

    If I was dog I would...bow bow. If I was a cat I would...meow meow. If I was Brazilian I would...
    In the bum howl...
    Cocoa marvelou...

    If someone overtakes you on the right (GB left) you:
    Cut in front of him, stop and shoot at his tires.
    Flip the bird while screaming insults and push him into the guard rail.
    Take down his license plate number and report him.

    What do you think about when you watch nature documentaries?
    "I'll put 10 bucks on the Zebra!"
    "I wonder when ground hogs fuck".
    "Who knows whether Nigel Marven has ever fought a crocodile?"

    When you go to a public festival
    You recklessly jump on the Cockaigne.
    You eat everything including the legs of the tables.
    You jump on the Cockaigne and eat the legs of the tables.

    When you have a guest, how do you behave?
    You get the guests to do the work while you eat everything in sight.
    You don't eat a thing and play Playstation until three in the morning.
    You cook, eat, wash up, play Playstation and maybe even smoke a couple of joints.

    When you're in the middle of the beach with 10,000 other vacationers, what do you do?
    Fill up a bucket with water and start throwing water balloons until someone beats you up.
    Dig holes to look for water when all of a sudden you get an excellent idea to throw water balloons until someone beats you up.
    You sun bathe all day until you burn and then your friend slaps you on the back to say hi without realising the state you're in.

    When you see a woman at the wheel, what do you think?
    "I'd like to be the gear stick, that way it'd be her to finally change gear"
    Girl at the wheel, danger too real.
    "Who knows whether she's changed the oil, checked the pistons, the motor and the contents of her bra?"

    If you go out clubbing alone and only meet the bar tender, what do you do?
    You get pissed and try to talk to him about stock markets and mutual funds.
    Punch one of the dancers of the cube and belly dance.
    You dress as a girl, flirt with all the guys and ditch them.

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