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     Are you a TV addict? 
    Can you live without TV? Do this short test and find out!

    You're on the couch and you want to change channel but the remote has run out of batteries. What do you do?
    You get up to manually change the channel and make a mental note to buy new batteries.
    You go into some weird crisis and wake up two days later whimpering like a little baby.
    You stay on the couch amazed and wait for the channel to change by itself.

    Your sister asks you to pass the remote...
    You violently throw it at her head to test her reactions.
    You pass it to her but make her put it on the channel you want.
    Nooooo....it's my precioussess....

    The phone rings during your favourite show. You:
    "Wait....I'm watching my soap".
    You let it ring for 20 seconds hoping that it'll stop.
    You don't have favourite shows.

    Your most viewed channels are:
    Fox, MTV, CNN
    ABC and satellite channels

    You see an old lady who's about to be brutally killed by an oncoming truck. What do you do?
    You run out and get a folding chair and some popcorn and enjoy the show.
    You act ike your favourite super hero and save her.
    Change channel

    At the studium you:
    Laugh, joke and watch the match with friends
    You get pissed off because there's no couch you can veg out on.
    You're a bit disoriented because they don't have instant re-play.

    Lets see whether TV has frazzled your brain. What are you doing right now?
    "You loser, I'm in front of the computer"
    "You loser, I'm obviously in front of the TV and during commercials I'm playing videogames"

    What's this test about?
    "God! You should know. You wrote it. It's about TV addiction"
    "Test, teeeeeeest?, teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest?! I thought I was at cooking class.
    "Change channel isn't an option".

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