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    Sent by Riki93

    What time do you wake up during the holidays?
    Obviously at 7.20 . Then I do 20 push-ups and 20 sit-ups
    I wake up at one in the afternoon, have breakfast and then spend the whole afternoon at the beach
    Who was talking about waking up on Sunday. I sleep through until Monday.

    What do you eat for lunch and dinner?
    I go to McDonalds and eat the most uncommon meals.
    A plate of pasta and a giant steak.
    Half a hamburger and a side order of salad.

    I work:
    as a waiter in a fast food joint.
    In an office where I spend half of my existence.
    In a gym for body builders

    You are:
    No, No...I'm 40.

    How many hours do you spend in front of the TV?
    When I can, like on Christmas, I'll watch my kids cartoons for the entire day.
    3 hours a day. One film and the news
    20 minutes. To watch my slimming video.

    What did you used to get in PE?

    If you had a dog...
    I'd use it as a personal trainer during walks.
    I'd always cuddle it.
    It'd be dead because I wouldn't have fed it.

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