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     How lonely are you? 
    If you want to know if you're lonely or if it's all in your head do this test.

    Your date stands you up for another person. You:
    Call someone else and go out
    Run to your room and immerse yourself in a sea of tears.
    Send the person a million text messages telling him/her how much you hate him/her

    You've been forced to stay at home with your family.
    Your mobile is full of messages from friends who are wondering where you are.
    It doesn't matter. You're at home all the time anyway.
    You treat your parents badly but stay anyway, telling your only friend that you're not going out.

    You have to take your kid brother to the seaside.
    You're happy to spend the time with family. They're the only ones that are close to you anyway.
    You tell your brother to go screw himself and lock yourself in your room with your music full blast.
    You go happily. You can talk to your friends all day long anyway.

    You find out that one of your friends is going out with a really ugly guy/girl.
    You tekll him/her that you've got a lot of boys/girls that can take his/her place.
    You don't say anything because he/she's the only friend you've got.
    You don't say anything because the guy/girl you're going out with is just as ugly.

    You're friend's not around and all your other friends don't use messenger.
    You go on a chat and try befriending people there. You're nice.
    You bombard her with text messages.
    You start reading without understanding the story because you're too busy thinking about what your friend is doing.

    You've just found out that all your friends are utter losers.
    It doesn't matter. You're just as much of a loser.
    You look for people who everyone wants as friends.
    You don't care. You've got lots of famous friends.

    Your boyfriend/girlfriend dumps you.
    You cry for a month but nobody comforts you.
    You tell him/her to fuck himself/herself and choose another.
    You fall into a deep depression and only after years of being single do you find someone that can stand you.

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