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     Would you survive in a Manga? 
    Mangas are those Japanese comics that you read from the end to the beginning like Dragonballs or Ranma 1/2.

    If you get wet with cold water...
    You transfrom into the opposite sex.
    You become a black pig.
    I get wet. What a dumb question.

    If you find a notebook on the floor with Deathnote written in it...
    It's from a god of death. Ha ha...Why not use it?
    You shouldn't touch things from the floor.
    You use it as a diary.

    A girl appears claiming that she's a god that will fulfil your every wish...
    Hahahah...very funny!
    It's Belldandy!
    Myabe it's the girl from Oh My Goddess!

    A creature that goes Pika Pika appears...
    Radiation effects.
    It's a Pokemon!
    zzzzzzzzZZzZzZzZZZzzZZzZZzzZ oh it was just a dream!

    A boy with white hair and dog ears asks you to save the Sengoku era...
    Who are you? It's not carnival.
    It's Inuyasha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nowadays there are some strange people about...

    A space shuttle train that passes through every planet...
    Haha... What have you been smoking?
    Galaxy Express 999!!!!!!!!!!!
    I give up.

    Five girls dressed up as sailors
    Again...IT'S NOT CARNIVAL!
    Sailor Moon!!!!
    They must be kids playing.

    And with them a guy dressed in black?
    Another guy dressed for carnival.
    A bodyguard
    It's Milord, Sailor Moon's beloved.

    Guys that go blond when they're pissed off...
    Big time cases of radiation effects.
    It's always carnival here!
    It's So Sayan!

    Now that you've done this test...
    I feel like a Pokemon.
    I feel like one of Sailor Moon.
    I feel like a black pig.

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