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     Are you a Chuck Norris or a MacGyver? 
    Are you worthy of calling yourself Chuck or MacGyver?

    To turn off the television:
    You stare at it until it turns off with fear.
    Use the remote.
    You recently made a devide capable of turning off a TV through telepathy using a paper clip and a plastic cup.

    If it's hot:
    Do a whole bunch of spinning kicks to create a vortex which sucks in the entire city.
    Turn on the fan.
    Make an air conditioner with a banana peel and a spring.

    If someone says your name three times in front of a mirror:
    His bones dissolve along with all the other inhabitants of his town.
    Fuck all happens.
    You stuff his head with a dose of conscience and his head explodes.

    Your favourite song is:
    Them bones
    The hit of the moment.
    Whatever dance remix of a song with a stringless ukelele.

    If someone steals your car:
    my pickup will kill the thief with spinning kicks to the head. There's no need for me to get involved.
    The car I built will never start by someone else's touch.

    If you're hungry:
    I go hunting the most dangerous of prey: Humans.
    I eat whatever I have in the fridge.
    I connect my computer to the USB port and recharge my battery.

    What is your favourite cartoon?
    Happy Tree Friends
    The Simpsons
    Ufo Robot. I like it so much that I built one at home myself.

    At nursery:
    I was always alone because all the other kids were dead because of my spinning kicks.
    I went because I was forced.
    ni didn't go. I started school in University.

    Your origins:
    I have no origins. I have always existed.
    Born from a mother and a father.
    I built myself with what I found around.

    If you spend too much time under the sun:
    The sun burns.
    I burn.
    Nothing happens because as soon as I become the right colour an umbrella I built with garbage people left on the beach opens up automatically.

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