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    ·A bad day
    ·A complete idiot
    ·Acrobatic crash!
    ·After the snow
    ·An insurance policy...
    ·Aspiring lap dancer 1
    ·Aspiring lap dancer 2
    ·At the bar
    ·At the gas station
    ·Bastard old hag
    ·Batter up!
    ·Being a bit too long-sighted!
    ·Beware of the dogs
    ·Bottle opener
    ·Bowling accident!
    ·Break dance breaks
    ·Break Dance syncro
    ·Cable Rolls
    ·Cheap ambulance
    ·Cheer leaders
    ·Cleaning your pipes
    ·Clumsy waitress
    ·Coin trick
    ·Crazy skaters
    ·Dance Greatest Hits
    ·Deadly sidewalk
    ·Desert trip
    ·Dinner time!
    ·Don't try luck
    ·Drunk Santa
    ·Dumb bell ringer
    ·Dumb-ass clown
    ·Faulty throne
    ·For those who fear no pain
    ·Guitar solo
    ·Guitarist with balls
    ·Hand baggage
    ·Heavy Weight
    ·Hero of the month
    ·High pitched bitch
    ·How to look hot next summer
    ·How to smash a table
    ·Ice sculpture
    ·Idiot in the closet
    ·Idiot of the century
    ·Idiot on wheels
    ·Impossible jumps
    ·Jobs done by dickheads Episode 1
    ·Jobs done by Dickheads Episode 2
    ·Keep your phone switched off!
    ·Leap frog
    ·Looking bad in TV
    ·Love Boat
    ·Lucky guy of the year
    ·Merry Christmas!
    ·Murder at the carwash
    ·Ninja School
    ·No beer
    ·No hands
    ·Obstacle course
    ·Office Ninja
    ·Old Sailors
    ·On and off the stage!
    ·One way elevator
    ·Our friend Edgar
    ·Painful diving
    ·Panic at the games!
    ·Poor teacher!
    ·Professional thieves
    ·Rifle for aspiring suicides
    ·Road block
    ·Roll over Jeep
    ·Run puppy
    ·Sacred art of Shaolin Kung Fu
    ·School bus
    ·See saw seen
    ·Self defense techniques
    ·Self KO
    ·Sexy pole dance
    ·Sliding Doors
    ·Smoking kills
    ·Spinning kick
    ·Spring Cleaning
    ·Stress in the office
    ·Suggested headset
    ·Sunday lumberjacks
    ·Surprise concussion
    ·Sweaty Palms
    ·Tarzan can!
    ·Thank you for existing
    ·The 6th level of lucky
    ·The Avalanche
    ·The boss' car
    ·The copy boy
    ·The cursed hatch
    ·The doorman
    ·The drunk and the dancer
    ·The dumbest dumb fuck in the US
    ·The flip
    ·The giddy singer
    ·The Model Eater
    ·The revenge of the betrayed husband
    ·The show must go on
    ·The table
    ·Think twice
    ·Three morons on a branch
    ·Throw your chopper in the sea for Jesus week
    ·Timber palm.
    ·Too many comics
    ·Tooth diving
    ·Top model
    ·Tragedy at the play ground
    ·Training for the Winter Games
    ·TV guy
    ·Under the bus
    ·Useless driver!
    ·Variation on the scene
    ·Washing machine repair man?
    ·Watch the swing
    ·Watch the TV
    ·Wax on Wax off
    ·Wet model
    ·What a bash!
    ·What a wake up!!!
    ·Whatch out for pot-holes
    ·Who was it?
    ·Winding fall
    ·Woman at the wheel
    ·Wrong measures

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