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     What does your room say about you? 
    Tell me about your room and I'll tell you about your life. Are you tidy, messy or do you love comforts. Let this test reveal it all!

    What is most likely to be under your bed?
    A rug and that's it.
    Suitcases full of summer clothes.
    You better not look. It's a mine camp.

    What posters do you have on the walls?
    Avril Lavigne and Back Street Boys.
    Animals and cute things
    Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp and other sex symbol actors.

    On average, how many dirty glasses or dishes are in your room?
    Not even one. Never.
    Two or three
    Too many to count

    Your magazine collection is:
    In my closet.
    Neatly organzied in a special box.

    Your clothes are generally:
    Scattered about my room
    Hung up in the closet
    Still in bags

    What do your sheets look like?
    One stand-out colour like neon pink.
    Simple and elegant with maybe a lace border.
    Visible, colourful and full of patterns.

    What colour are your walls?
    White, cream or beige.
    Yellow or blue.
    Another colour.

    Where do you normally do your homework?
    On my bed.
    At my desk.
    In the kitchen or in the living room.

    How many stuffed toys are there in your room?
    Less than 5
    From 5 to 10
    More than 10

    What's written on your bulletin board?
    Invitations to more parties than I can physically go to.
    Pictures of friends
    Postcards of exotic places.

    Where do you keep your socks or and undergarments?
    Neatly folded in a drawer.
    All bunched up in a closet.
    In a pile of clean laundry.

    At night your mobile phone is:

    Your window ias covered by:
    A sheet

    What's the most precious thing you have?
    A stuffed I had as a baby
    a lucky blanket
    My mobile phone

    Do you have a CD player or a TV in your room?
    None of the two.
    One of the two

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