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    Disclaimer, user agreement and privacy policy

    Information regarding the treatment of personal information.

    Personal information received from the user is stored on electronic databases of which Edizioni B srl is the proprietor and who is also responsible for the handling of all such data.
    By data it is understood the data which is submitted at the time of subscribing to the service and the successive modifications and/or integration from the part of the user.
    The treatment of the data limits itself solely to:
    - providing the service offered;
    - providing services that Edizioni B reputes of the interest of the user;
    - verifying the quality of the offered services;
    - tracing authors of eventual illicit contents and only in the case of specific request and on behalf of competent authorities.

    The contents are subdivided into two categories: Obligatory and facultative as shown in modules and forms.

    Obligatory data is strictly necessary for the provision of the service and security.
    Facultative data is used to improve the quality of the service and communication from provider to user.
    In conformation to article 13 of the code subject to the protection of personal data (Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003), the user, via internet using his/her own codes of access (username and password), always has the right to access his/her own personal information in the same form as Edizioni B stores it; it is demanded that of the user's awareness to be responsible of the integration, modification and the cancellation of data in any moment and without intermediation.
    Through the same interface the user may manage the receipt, the timeliness and the content of the information that Edizioni B srl provides.
    The consent of the treatment of personal information is provided at the time the user subscribes to the service. Withholding the consent will disable the user to access the services Edizioni B provides, also if the user may, in any moment, decide which data to leave to the availability of Edizioni B or which information to receive. The user however waivers his/her rights to the service by making data deemed indispensable unavailable (obligatory fields).

    Consent and information regarding the handling of data:
    Personal data may be handed down to third parties providing that consent is granted by the user. The use of the data will be limited to Edizioni B for communications relative to the present contract and for the dispatching of daily notices regarding information and promotion of news and opportunities on the internet or promotional offers in the telecommunications sector. The receipt or not and the content of the notices will be manageable and may be personalised by the user through the internet.
    Publicity, inserted free of charge in the services in object are managed in the same manner of personalisation of the communication.

    Responsible of the treatment of personal data is Edizioni B srl, via Pietrasanta 12, Milan, Italy,
    Aware of norms cited in art. 13 of the code of the handling and protection of personal data (Italian Legislative Decree 196/03), consent to the handling of the data aforementioned.

    The full text of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 is available here: http://www.garanteprivacy.it/garante/doc.jsp?ID=1030925

    www.superbastardo.com, though not being a pornographic site, for the typology of the issues discussed and handled, cannot be classified as being suitable for a non mature audience.
    www.superbastardo.com is a service which is completely free of charge to its members and operated to the best of its ability but cannot assume the responsibility of any damages that may be incurred by users for the consequences of malfunction, to damages for the loss of data or loss of profits.
    Given that the use of the service is used only and exclusively by the user, the user must therefore be informed that the use of the service is at the user's risk and that it is not guaranteed that:
  • The service will satisfy the user's needs;
  • The service will always function without interruption, with punctuality, safely or without errors;
  • Any error concerning software will be promptly repaired;
  • The quality of the products, of the services or the information may satisfy the requests of the user;
  • The information from the service is reliable or true;
    One is reminded that:
  • Any type of material downloaded or obtained from www.superbastardo.com is chosen at the discretion of the user who hereby becomes the only party responsible in the case of damages to the computer due to downloads of the aforementioned material;
  • www.superbastardo.com isn't affiliated with the links and claims no responsibilty for the contents. www.superbastardo.com can in no way be held responsible for the correct working of the links. The user recognises and agrees that www.superbastardo.com is in no way responsible, directly or indirectly for eventual damages suffered by the user in relation to the contents of the site, goods acquired or services effectuated through www.superbastardo.com and declines the responsibility regarding the content and the legality of the material present on links found in www.superbastardo.com and is no case obliged to hold responsibility of any eventual violations of copyrights on the part of links found within the pages of www.superbastardo.com.
  • Given that some of the content found on www.superbastardo.com is of an adult nature and aimed at an adult audience which can contain issues deemed offensive to people, ideologies, vigilant laws and religions, www.superbastardo warns that any research may generate links which refer to such arguments and issues and assumes no responsibility.
  • Given that www.superbastardo.com does not have the control of the contents generated by the users, www.superbastardo.com does not guarantee the contents, especially the accuracy, contents or quality. www.superbastardo.com is neither responsible for the user's navigation bringing him/her to information that is undesired.
  • Regarding the FORUM, COMMENTS, STORIES and CHAT,
    The user recognises and agrees that www.superbastardo.com will not preventively check the contents however www.superbastardo.com does reserve the right, at its own discretion and with no obligation, to refuse or delete any content which may be accessed through the services aforementioned. It cannot be held responsible in any way for the content published or diffused, even in the case of the content being illicit, breaching privacy or in any case contrary to the rules of Netiquette. The contents are made by the users and are not controlled by www.superbastardo.com. The responsibility of the content is expressly and only of the single author.
    It is reminded that it is expressly forbidden to:
  • Molest, threaten or abuse other members;
  • Send obscene, defacing, discriminatory content or content which is copyrighted without having the written consent of the owner of the copyright;
  • Use this site for illicit means;
  • Send spam or any other mass delivered electronic mail;

    One is reminded that the material sent to www.superbastardo.com in any form whatsoever (post, internet etc) will not be returned. All content in the form of comments, text, sounds and images may be reutilised by B-Network for the contents of other sites that may be linked to the network or for the production of CD-ROMs, books and other without the written consent of the original author.
    The fruition of the services on www.superbastardo.com is regulated and conditioned by the explicit acceptance of the rules and conditions for the chat, forum and personal pages.
    The respect of the conditions represents an essential requisite for all the areas of the community and/or all the available communication and messaging services for the scope of letting every user benefit from the resources.
    Whoever feels that their own owner's rights have been infringed or that any violation regarding privacy has been incurred may request the removal of the contents (images or texts) by writing and indicating the contents with the warranted documentation of the rights to the contents to be removed to bastards@superbastardo.com

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