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     Are you a Smurf? 
    With this test not only will you discover whether you have a degree of an unpredictable nature, you'll also discover whether you belong to that nice breed of things called the Smurfs.

    When you were younger what did you like watching on TV?
    Jenny Jones in the beginning years.
    Japanese cartoons like all kids of your age
    Pamper commercials. You used to put them on your head as a sign of rebellion.

    Who do you turn to when you have to pay your bills, rent or to get your pension money?
    Jenny Jones. She's always available and helpful.
    The postman. Who else?
    A funny little man with funny skin and a red bean shaped hat.

    Who would you like to spend a hot night with?
    Jenny Jones and Jerry Springer. I like threesomes.
    With the woman of my dreams. I hope she's like my mum and I hope she really loves me.
    With Smurfette. it's a pity I've never been able to get close to her.

    Who do you really fear?
    From the TV ratings company. If it hasn't been recorded that I've watch Jenny at least a million times, she'll kill me.
    Thieves, the dark, death and Mum's spankings.
    Gargamel. That long nose has long been my nightmare rapist.

    Who's your favourite singer?
    Jenny Jones
    Avril Lavigne
    Cristina D'Avena

    What clour is your hair?
    It's like Jenny's.
    It's dyed blond. I'm really trendy, so Mum says.
    Blue, but it's always covered by my white berret.

    Who do you turn to when they threaten to turn off the electricity or cut off your phone?
    Jenny Jones.
    I turn to Mum's insurance company.
    I go to my friend whom I love to call "Inventor" or to the funny man with the red hat.

    Who do you worship? Who's your god?
    Jenny Jones
    The Holy Virgin Mary
    Mother Nature (and her wholesome goodness)

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